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In February 2020, we delivered community radio stations £10,000


Working with the UK's leading SEO specialists, content writers and advertising agencies, we use the power of your website to drive digital income to your business.

Pages hosted on your site with 'backlinks' will generates income while helping your station's SEO and Google ranking.  This is how it works:

  • We add content to your website, paid for by businesses and organisations (like financial, charity, and insurance companies).

  • The work we do supports search engine optimisation for your site, boosting the power of your site and increasing its Google rank, value and ability to generate income.

  • We agree a fee with you in advance for each article you publish (no more than 5 a month).  We then pay you on  receipt of a valid invoice after 30 days.



"We're always looking at ways to make money from our portfolio at Exmouth AiR.  


"This deal with Love Radio was quick, effortless and financially rewarding.  No hassle, doesn't upset our normal way of working and because they run a community radio station, they know their stuff."



—  Andy Green, Exmouth AiR Radio


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